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So it’s the beginning of a new year and what a perfect time to start making positive changes to your health and lifestyle! In this post I will be addressing a few tips that I have learnt which help me tremendously to thrive and feel my absolute best. All of my tips come from personal experience and they are what work for me. I suggest experimenting and seeing what’s right for you and your health that is key this is just my opinion! I wish you all happiness and good health in this new year.

True health means more than just eating good. It encompasses more than just eating good food in fact it is a lifestyle. Good amounts of sleep is so important for your health, find time to relax listen to music have a bath and get plenty of sleep, hydration is another key element to health so drinking enough water or juices throughout the day, participating in physical activity is vital for physical fitness and overall mental wellbeing, lastly getting enough sunlight too also plays a part in a healthy happy life spend time outdoors connect with the earth even in these cold months try to get outside!

“Physical activity is one of the key requirements to good nutrition. Without sufficient physical activity peristalsis of the intestines is not as efficient. Physical activity utilises blood sugar,making for healthier blood sugar metabolism. It also greatly accelerates blood circulation and lymphatic flow, enhancing protein and fat metabolism while improving their utilisation. The vasodilation that accompanies physical activity also enhances nutrient delivery.” -Dr Douglas Graham

Aside from the benefits on your physical health getting up and active in any sort of way you choose is amazing for your mental wellbeing. I find it literally lifts my mood in a positive way and has helped me in low points of my life and could be a good tool for many others to use. I’ve turned to physical exercise as a stress reliever, and coping strategy. I can honestly say it has helped me get to where I am today; a happy and healthy young woman. So challenge yourself this year push yourself to limits you didn’t know you could reach take up a new physical activity/ hobby and spend time each day get moving see the benefits it has on every aspect of your health! Practicing yoga in particular is, in my eyes is one of the best ways you can improve every aspect of your holistic health. This is one of those things that I will find hard to express the benefits of to you all as they come in an abundance! Until you truly experience it in your own practice that you will the realise the shift in your whole lifestyle in and outside of the yoga studio so I encourage you to give it a good go! We all deserve to feel good in our mind and body. I certainly will be practicing a lot more this year and I’m very excited to see where the journey takes me.


The food you consume everyday does play a massive part in your health (as obvious as it seems) but there are some foods I encourage you to try to cut out of your diet. Fuel your body with the right foods eat a variety of vibrant foods in abundance in order to feel best. The truth is our existence depends on our health and to some degree the quality of our existence depends on our state of health.

Here are some foods I recommend cutting out of ones diet: due to personal experience I now feel my healthiest and happiest I’ve ever felt by following a whole food vegan diet.

  • All animal foods and their by products.
  • Minimise salt intake
  • Processed foods ( foods with long ingredients lists)
  • Oils and processed sugars

Above all avoid yo-yo dieting nothing is more taxing on the body than yo yo dieting! Make small changes each day in order to reach your end goal whatever it may be. These fad diets just lead us back to where we started. Eat the rainbow! When you eat food high in fat, the fat goes into your bloodstream. This can make you feel tired. In order to feel energised I recommend eating a diet high in carbohydrates, which are full of glucose and fructose, your body’s preferred source of energy (not fat). “The human body is intelligently designed to heal itself, and given the proper nutrients and care, it will.”— CHRIS WARK – CHRISBEATCANCER.COM

There is no such thing as eating too much fruit. Do not be afraid of fruit! Fruit is one of the most healing, antioxidant rich, anti-viral and anti-parastic foods known to man. By eating high carb whole plant foods which are the foods we are physiologically designed to thrive on cravings for unhealthy foods lessen over time. I guess this explains why these fad diets that are very common this time of year have such high failure rates by limiting our body of what it needs it is natural for us to then binge on whatever it is we crave. Instead learn to love eating and cooking delicious healthy recipes! Research and get inspired, make the effort and you will be rewarded. I am so passionate about cooking it’s fun to me now it once was an effort but we all start somewhere don’t we. I now get excited to create new meals you will get there too!

Get inspired! she is an incredible woman and has inspired me throughout my health journey and I recommend visiting her social media for more fantastic health tips and recipes regarding living a whole foods vegan lifestyle.

Lastly be kind to yourself and love yourself this is a new year, new opportunities, new chances embrace each moment and live courageously. Make small changes to your life each day and be grateful for all aspects of life. Enjoy the process and stages towards health, it’s not going to happen over night but stick with it. Never forget the power of your own mind in the creation of your life. Your life is in your hands these are merely some tips I have experienced that help me and thought I would share in the bid to inspire you all. It is down to you to make the changes towards optimum health. Now is the perfect time to get clear on what it is you truly want and realign all your energy into manifesting your wildest dreams. You deserve nothing less!Current affirmations for the new year:


An affirmation is a way for you to re-write and consciously choose the beliefs that will best support you in your life.

  • I act from a place of love to myself and to others.
  • I appreciate and take note for all the good in all areas of my life.
  • I allow my true self to shine in all that I do.

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