I am not a body, I am a soul with a body

“Never trust a mirror, for a mirror always lies. It makes you think that all your worth can be seen from the outside. Never trust a mirror, it only shows you what’s skin deep, you can’t see how your eyelids flutter, when you’re drifting off to sleep. It doesn’t show you what the world sees, when your only being you. Or how your eyes light up, when you’re loving what you do. It doesn’t capture when you’re smiling when no-one else can see, and your reflection can not tell you, how much you mean to me. Never trust a mirror, for it only shows your skin, and if you think that it dictates your worth, its time to look within” – Erin Hanson

A reminder to all you beautiful people- Your physical body is in the perfect place right now to begin your journey inwards. You are not a body, you are a soul with a body.

Open your eyes, open your mind and look within.

We all have days in our lives whereby we lack slef-esteem, self- love or self-acceptance. I have had times in my life were I have judged myself based on my physical appearance, and I am sure other individuals have experienced similar thoughts.  In previous years, I acted towards myself negatively, not showing my soul the love it deserves. I was not looking within only without. I was putting myself down, picking apart my flaws and focusing on the negative aspects of myself and so, I have not always been kind to my body or respected it the way we deserve, I am sure others have acted similarly.

However, I now choose love and acceptance for myself and for others. The past has no power over who I choose to be today. I found my gratitude for the things I do have, I found love and respect for my body and for all of the incredible things my body allows me to do. This self acceptance didn’t occur because my physical body changed over the years (its pretty much stayed the same). This is due to the changes in my mindset,  I began to look more deeply and honestly, manifested my time positively and enlightened myself that I am so much more than this body. So are you. Can you see how much of a miracle it is that YOU exist? I can see it in each of you.

The world is not perfect everyday. We can not “create” the perfect world. You are flawed. I am flawed. We are all flawed, but it is how you look at these flaws and how you deal with them that will ultimately either, impact your life negatively or impact your life positively.  Acknowledge that they are there, accept them, love and embrace them! Yes,  I know, easier said than done, but you’ll get there it does take a stronger mindset it took me a while to be able to shift and prioritise my thoughts away from negativity.  In today’s society I believe, it can be extremely easy to slip into these negative thought patterns due to the fact that it is seen as more ” socially acceptable” to criticise oneself than to compliment oneself. Moreover, society and the media can often portray a certain stereotype and rarely remember to celebrate the undeniable beauty of the diversity between physiques. No body shape is any better than another, they are just wonderfully  different. As long as you are happy and healthy that is what counts so give it what it needs and what it DESERVES. Eat HEALTHY and BALANCED because you love your body. Not because you hate it.

I will endeavour to always seek the true beauty in others, the beauty that cannot be seen- only felt.

Comparing ourselves with others I’ve found through experience, only ever made me feel rubbish about myself. It can be a toxic habit to get into, so avoid this in your life were possible. I encourage you to use social media as a positive tool, rather than sitting scrolling through unrealistic pages, with high maintenance lives. This is where we can get drawn in, and begin to compare our lives to others. Stop scrolling, go and live your own life! Live freely, live lightly and live courageously, surrounded only by what brings you joy. Where your focus goes your energy flows, so manifest your time, attention and energy into productive tasks, positive thinking and meditation. Practice these positive tasks daily in order to begin looking within to your soul and within others, rather than looking outward focusing on the physical bodily appearance. Spend your time wisely and manifest that time positively in any way you desire. I spend my free time doing things that bring me joy which I found helped me so much in my journey within. Activities such as spending time with loved ones who inspire and uplift me in my dance classes, yoga classes, listening to music or writing channeling my energy in positive outlets.

This shift in my thoughts has allowed me to live more optimistically and positively.  These “flaws” are what make us the beautiful human beings we are; rare, unique and worthy. Just because we are flawed it does not mean we can’t be happy or accept and love ourselves.

You are NOT your weight, BMI, size or shape. You are not a body who has a soul. You are a beautiful, amazing soul who has a body. Think about this… when we look at another human we don’t judge them for their physical appearance, we don’t even notice their flaws they think they have. We wouldn’t dare to make negative comments on another individuals physical appearance (well I hope you don’t). So I ask you, why are you doing it to yourself? We should love ourselves wholeheartedly, as we love others. Your worth is not defined by your outward appearance, nor is your beauty.  Learn that reality is found in you. In your true being; your essence. Embrace yourself. It might take time but really open your heart open your eyes, and open your mind.

Empower and give yourself permission to feel good about your body, to embrace and love yourself as unique, celebrate all that your body allows you to experience and accomplish.

Love your body. Protect it. Nurture it. Cherish it. Bless it, but do not focus all your attention onto it, you are so much more than any physical appearance. You are worthy, you have so much potential and there are limitless opportunities for you to encounter in this world. I promise you it is not egotistical to love yourself and think of yourself in a positive way. It is empowering and important for you to truly know your worth, and your value.

Be happy! And have an incredible relationship with your mind, soul and body. I want you to be able to live an indescribably happy, balanced, and fulfilled, WHOLESOME life!

Today’s Affirmation

Go outside. Open your eyes. Breathe. Be here, now.


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