Be the change you wish to see

If you want to create change, to grow in any area of your life then my advice to you is you need to be very aware and deliberate in the story you are telling. We use so many stories each day to evaluate and analyse our lives, but you must realise that every time you think and repeat these stories within your mind you are affirming them. Your thoughts become reality and progress to become the future. Which is all good and well if positive thoughts arise but, if negativity slips in thoughts can be limiting. You are probably thinking what do I mean by “stories”? I am referring to the way we perceive and describe ourselves and our lives. I do honestly believe that our thoughts create our reality. From personal experience my mindset, my thoughts , my outlook and the way I perceive things played a huge part in why changes have been made my life. Being true to myself and have visions of how I truly want to live enabled me to give myself the permission to change . Changes within me life does not mean I being “fake” or “untruthful” as to who I am. They have been made as I know they are beneficial allowing positive growth in various aspects of my life. The best way to see growth within yourself is to simply shift limiting language and thoughts so that you can have the chance to change.

So, if there are elements of your life you know you would like to see differ don’t let fear take control, each and every one of us has the ability to tell a different story than the one we are now experiencing. Whilst you can not change the past, it is about not holding yourself to who you were in the past. You do have the power to change the future. Give yourself permission to grow. When we change inwardly, we out-grow certain belief patterns and strengthen others. All things begin within the mind. This is why I think there is nothing more important than questioning our beliefs and re-telling our stories.

When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending. Brene Brown.


Our thoughts and beliefs are creating our life experiences and the beauty in this is we have the power to change our thoughts. Growth and change within our lives can be temporarily tricky and painful. It might mean shining a light on parts of ourselves that we have attempted to hide, often for most of the years of our lives. Sound’s scary? Yes, it can be, and I found it scary too. Sometimes in life we do have to step out of our comfort zone in order to enable growth. You should consistently strive to reach your goals, and to better yourself in any way possible. Do not let rigidity, routine or fear stifle your growth. Do not get down on yourself by believing that just because everything hasn’t changed nothing has changed. Even moderate change can recap meaningful benefits. Change that moves in a positive direction will not only expand your confidence, it can enrich your relationships, and empower your well-being. No matter how small the change is- surrender to what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be.

Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. Its your masterpiece after all.

I feel like so much in my life has changed. In previous years, like many other individuals I have had some low patches, not always fully showing myself the love and respect I deserve. ( I am still working on this, it’s a long journey to fully love and respect yourself)  My mind, my thoughts, my feelings have not always been as they are today. I knew changes needed to happen, I was in danger of being stuck in this “cave”. Changes did happen and they can for you too. Take your focus off what you do not want in life. Find what makes you feel good and then get really clear on what you truly want. Do not let the details of “how” stop you from dreaming. Sit with your vision and imagine it is already yours. The universe will support you if you surrender to infinite possibilities.  I began practising transforming my thoughts from a place of comparison and lack to the understanding that the light I see and admire in others also resides in me.

Personal Changes In  My Life…

Some magical changes have been made in my life that I completely encourage you to try as they have had positive life changing impacts. Going vegan! Honestly, after a lifetime of following a vegetarian diet the transition to a vegan lifestyle was pretty easy (I wish I had made the change years ago it is the best change you will make) but that’s just my opinion. I couldn’t be more happy following a plant-based lifestyle. I say lifestyle because it is so much more than a diet to me. It makes me so happy and brings my heart so much joy knowing I am not contributing to any beings suffering, knowing  my body is being fueled with high vibrational, delicious,whole foods is just the best feeling- (read my previous blog post on beginner vegan tips) Make the change surrender to it all, without controlling and knowing exactly what is going to happen, it can be hard but have faith in the change and know that everything will be as it needs to be. Giving up drinking alcohol! Okay, so this is a recent change within my life. I decided to make this change purely because why would I want to poison my body with a substance that only harms me; I didn’t like the taste of or the effects it left on my body so what is the point? It just didn’t make sense to me any more. My life is dedicated to fueling my body positively,s showing it the love it deserves with the foods I consume, the physical activities I take part in and everyday life practices. I stopped seeing the fun in it and it just doesn’t appeal to me and so that’s why I made the change. Honestly, we should feel confident in ourselves when socialising without having to depend on drinking alcohol.

Finally, practicing yoga more frequently. Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. It continues to transform my life in so many ways each day. It is magical. Yoga has allowed me to quieten my mind, to accept myself, to love my mind and my body for all that it is, and it’s a lovely, fun way to socialise and meet like-minded people. I am constantly being inspired and uplifted by the powerful, beautiful people I meet through yoga. The feeling within when I practice is indescribable. It fills my heart with so much joy and makes me so happy. Yoga has helped connect with myself and had such a positive impact on my life.


We are all born to shine, it is in each of us. It is never to late to (re)create yourself. 

If you want to make changes in your life you cannot focus on all that you hate within the life you live. This will ensure that the things you hate stick around.

Make changes within and see them manifest without.

Limitless Love,

Rebecca Rose. img_7444

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