The dairy industry.

In this blog post I am talking briefly about what the dairy industry DOES NOT want us to know.

I will be explaining the process that takes place to get your dairy products to the supermarket shelves. A glass of milk, that cheese you put on your sandwiches, or yogurt etc, these products have just as much cruelty, if not more than a piece of steak.

Maybe you have not come across any information that explains the industry in this light. However, it is important to be aware of what is happening in the industry. . I am not here to tell you how to live your life although,  I hope my post can give you a better understanding of the dairy industry and maybe make you think twice before buying and consuming dairy products. You could also watch documentary’s on Netflix such as “cowspiracy” “food inc”  for more information regarding the industry and veganism.

“The human body has no more need for cow’s milk than it does for dog’s milk, horse’s milk, or giraffe’s milk.” – Michael Klaper, MD

There is no logic here… Leave the cows milk for the baby cows.

A female cow only starts producing milk once she becomes pregnant. Contrary to popular imagination, dairy cows do not produce milk just to produce milk. They specifically produce milk for their babies. Under normal circumstances, female cows would generally only have a maximum of two liters of milk in her udder at any one time, but rapacious farmers may force her to carry 20 liters or more.

These factory farmed cows become pregnant by artificial insemination on the farms which is not a pleasant experience for the animals . Within hours of birth, calves are taken from their mothers. Their babies become so distressed from this separation. The female calves are taken from their mothers because we want the milk for our own consumption. Can you imagine having your baby took away from you moments after birth? It is traumatising for both mother and baby which results in devastating effects on their bodies such as loosing large amounts of weight. Due to the fact these female cows are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones to produce larger quantities of milk, it causes horrific pain and enlarges the udders of the cow. Infections and pus form inside and outside of the udder and the pus is then sucked out of the milk! Pasteurization only sanitises the pus, it does not eliminate it. According to  Each glass of milk, by USDA standards, is allowed up to one eye-dropper full of pus. Organic cows milk actually has more pus than non-organic milk because when cows get infections, which is quite common on dairy farms.

Surely milk alternatives sound more appealing than this hormone, pus filled milk?

The male calves have little value on the dairy farm. So they are sold at auction and are either raised for beef or go to the veal industry, where they are put in small pens, fed an insufficient diet, deprived of mother’s milk, and never able to see the light of day.img_9674.jpg

Both female and male cows will live in truly horrific conditions, to either be over stimulated producing large amounts of milk or be raised to be slaughtered short into their lives. When the cows no longer produce massive amounts of milk after 5-7 years, they are sent straight to the slaughter-house. This is no life for these beautiful animals.

Some people have this idea that animals do not have feelings and cannot think and use their brain. Animals use their legs to walk, their eyes to see, ears to hear, mouths to chew. Why would we not think they can use their brains to think and feel as well? These animals feel the heartbreak the way you and I would. We vote with our money. By drinking a glass of milk, eating cheese at home or in restaurants,  you are voting that you want baby calves to be stolen from their mothers.

The worst scream I have ever heard was a mother cow on a dairy farm. As she screams and bellows her lungs out day after day for her stolen baby to be given back to her. And I can only imagine the same scream every woman in this room would make, if somebody held you down after birth and stole your newborn baby from you. ” -Gary Yourofsky

As humans we are the only individuals on the planet who drink milk after they are weaned off their mothers. We humans are also the only species on the planet to drink milk from another species. You would never see a monkey drinking milk from a giraffe? or a dog drinking milk from a horse? So why do we do it? Let’s just get this straight. Cows milk is specifically designed for baby cows, just like monkey milk is designed for baby monkeys and human brest milk is designed for human baby’s.

We have been conditioned by the media and the dairy industry, to believe that it is normal to drink cows milk and we need milk in our diet to thrive and be live a healthy life. When the truth is quite the opposite. We have been spoon fed lies and now it is time to make the changes.

From the research I have done according to the dairy industry’s major selling point is that milk drinking “prevents osteoporosis”. Statistics show otherwise. The countries that consume the highest amounts of dairy such as the United States, and England are also are the countries who have the highest rates of osteoporosis! This is because all animal protein is highly acidic. So when animal foods are ingested the human body often leaches calcium from our bones to balance the acidity in the body, leading to its excretion in the urine. So we actually are promoting osteoporosis by drinking cows milk. So when people question my vegan diet telling me “I need milk for calcium, vitamin D, strong bones and healthy teeth” I know I get all the goodness I need from a plant-based lifestyle.

Furthermore, it is estimated that 75% of humans across the world are lactose intolerant. That means three out of every four people on this planet, when they drink milk, experience one or more of the following: diarrhea, stomach ache, gassiness, and bloating. In my eyes this is a sign that maybe, we are not physiologically designed to drink and thrive on the breast milk of another mammal, just as every other species in the world is not either. Your body is trying to tell you to stop drinking cows milk!

So now what? How do you get rid of this unhealthy addiction? I know it seems like it will be impossible because you’ve incorporated dairy into your diet for most of your life, but you can do it and you should want to do it for the animals and for your own health.

The best way to do eliminate dairy from your diet is to cut it out like a drug this is what myself and my boyfriend did. Quite frankly the human body treats dairy especially cheese as a drug. So do you know why it is so hard to give up dairy products, cheese in particular? Its called casomorphins- protein fragments, derived from the digestion of the milk protein, casein. The distinguishing characteristic of casomorphins is that they have an opioid effect. Mother cows, before birth, produce this substance in their milk to make sure that their calf stays close. Actually, all female mammals do this including humans. So, there you have it, in a short summary why cheese can actually become addictive. I was most definitive addicted! Cheese butties for lunch in school for about 7 years, but once I educated myself  it was extremely easy to stop consuming dairy products as I was aware of the effects on the animals and my own body. I cut out and i have and never will go back to consuming these products.

If you are looking for dairy alternatives to satisfy your desires it couldn’t be easier now! We are so lucky there are so many dairy alternatives available now in our local supermarket. From almond milk, hazelnut milk, soya milk, oat milk, hemp milk, cashew milk there are so many options for you to try see which on you prefer and add it into your diet. There are even vegan cheese alternatives, yogurt, ice cream, chocolates, biscuits and cakes available now you wont be depriving yourself of anything!


So let’s leave the cow’s milk for baby cows and human milk for baby humans, shall we?

If you have any questions regarding the dairy industry please don’t hesitate to contact me I’ll be happy to help!


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