About Me

602C85AA-B1B2-4F01-B213-C76FFF2B812C.jpegPlant- Based Optimist

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! My name is Rebecca Foulkes and at present I am a 20-year-old girl working a full time job in my city’s busiest hospital as a health care assistant. I live in Liverpool, England with my mum, dad and older sister. I have created this blog as I am passionate to share my knowledge and express my beliefs on all things related to  lifestyle and nutrition in the bid to inspire others. I will be expressing my thoughts, recipes, health and life advice and hopes for the future into written words for others to experience with me. Everyday I am moving towards my goals and I hope this page will inspire you to do the same.

A Dash Of Me

I like to think of myself as a optimist, and someone that sends loving energy to all I encounter. I am exactly where I need to be now and I am happy with the person I am. I have clear visions of where I would like to be in the future and would love to share all my experiences with you! I have been vegetarian since birth, lucky for me I have been provided with the knowledge of wholefood nutrition over my lifetime and wish to share this knowledge with you all.  I now follow a vegan lifestyle, I say lifestyle because it is more than just a diet. I am vegan not only for my health, but also for the animals and the planet! Vegan food has a lighter footprint on the planet and is more compassionate to the earth.  It is all encompassing promoting love, loving all beings and seeing the good in all people and animals. Which is why I am passionate to share with you some amazing recipes I have created or found and loved!

I love all things adventure and I am definitely an outdoors type of girl, sometimes living in the city can be hard for me but I always try and spend some hours of my week out in nature with friends and family.  I am a passionate dancer and have been for over 10 years of my life this is another big aspect of my life that brings me so much happiness. Practicing yoga and meditation have also become a part of my life from when adopted a vegan lifestyle I found they both helped me massively! My end goal is to become a fully qualified yoga teacher traveling the world sharing my knowledge, skills and passion with other individuals.fac9f52c-e53e-4241-b6f4-1650c04b0f93.jpeg


Follow along as I share my thoughts regarding life, nutrition including some delicious recipes! I hope I can inspire you one way or another.

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